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Hotel Huerta Honda

We invite you to an exciting journey through history.

This town with its own character is located between Badajoz, Merida and Seville, near the Vía de la Plata.

Zafra is a beautiful city full of history. Through numerous artistic exhibitions of great quality and beauty you can appreciate its glorious medieval past.


Located in the heart of the town of Zafra, on Via de La Plata, this city of Badajoz is one of the best known of Extremadura due to its important and rich historical and artistic legacy.

Memories of the past are present in every corner, helping Zafra become a place where you can travel in time without moving: from the earliest prehistoric settlements in the mountains of El Castellar to the Muslim presence

in the Middle Ages, the Christian Reconquista led by Fernando III El Santo...

Let our history and our heritage be your fellow travelers.


A city to walk around and to get lost in its history and impressive legacy. During a visit to Zafra you can enjoy multiple visits: the Colegiata de La Candelaria, the Old Synagogue, the Monastery of La Encarnación and the Convent of Santa Clara and Santa Catalina.

But the tour does not end there, we can also discover the Casa del Ajimez, the Tower of San Francisco, the Pillar of Saint Benedict, the Gates of Badajoz and Jerez,

the Neoclassical Palacio del Conde de La Corte,

the Grande and Chica squares, the Jewish quarter of Zafra 

and and the Palace of the Dukes of Feria.


This is the colloquial name of Zafra's walled enclosure, where the Hotel Huerta Honda is located. This construction, of about 6 meters of height, was ordered in 1437 by Gomez Suarez de Figueroa, First Lord of Feria, to build inside the castle that became his residence.